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IRS Free CPE Courses Coming up

2011-05-13 by

Courtesy of IRS

The Examination Process for Employment Tax Returns

The June 22 IRS Live broadcast will cover the employment tax examination process, taxpayer rights, settlement agreements and payment options.

ewers will learn from IRS and industry experts what to expect from an employment tax examination including information about:

  • Examination process

  • Statute of limitations

  • Examination results

  • Taxpayer and appeal rights

  • Settlement agreements and payment options


Small Business Advantage: Put Our Knowledge to Work for You

Register now for the May 18th free webinar,

  • Learn about the new IRS brand for small business resources

  • Discover multiple resources to help small businesses thrive

  • What are the benefits of using Small Business Advantage?

  • Find out about opportunities available now for small businesses

Watch videos of prior seminars – no CPE provided

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