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Shameless Promotion Month

2008-09-12 by

Happy Shameless Promotion Month

Since this is Shameless Promotion Month, I suppose I’m obligated to promote myself – shamelessly.
So let’s see what’s going on this month, OK.

1) Join me and some extremely interesting speakers at Knotts Berry Farm on September 25-27th at NATP California’s Annual Conference and Meeting. I’ll be teaching two workshops on exciting things like preparer penalties and how to do a terrific client interview so you glean every bit of useful information from your client – to keep their taxes the lowest possible, legally. You’ll learn all about this year’s Tax Court Exam (they only offer it every two years); reporting issues for same-sex marriages; the mortgage relief rules – and all the California and Federal updates.

2) The live class for the EA Exam Review is wrapping up. We’ll be finished by Saturday the 20th. Don’t despair. All the recorded and written lectures are available for Enrolled Agent candidates to use to help you pass this year’s exam on a self-study basis. You can still team up with study buddies around the country – heck, around the world! (I am hearing from students every day about their experiences passing each successive segment of the exam.)

3) I will be recording a video series of tips for small businesses in October for a powerful and fascinating small business site to launch next year. The good news is, once they are placed on a new site launching next year, you’ll have access to them at no charge. In fact, you’ll have access to top of the line information from a dozen business experts on the same terms.
(links to come)

4) I need to finish up the proposal to McGraw-Hill who wants to issue a new edition of Small Business Taxes Made Easy. Next year, you’ll get a book filled with tips to help you build a business properly, and take the best tax advantages.

5) In the meantime, I’ll be updating the ever-evolving e-book, The 100% Home-Based Business Solution
and teaming up with Tom Buck, CPA to package it with his recorded audio lecture series – and a monthly webinar we will present jointly to help small businesses deal with your tax questions.
(links to come)

6) I am recording a one-hour interview with Ed Gandia, of to go with a kit for folks contemplating starting their own business. It will be out this year.

7) This month, I will be recording two video courses for The Learning Annex – one is the “Do-it-Yourself Offer in Compromise”, the other is 10 Businesses you can Start Cheaply – or even for free.

8) You will find TaxMama quoted in dozens of major publications (print newspapers, magazines, trade journals and online) over the next few months, since I speak with at least one journalist a day.

There’s probably more…when I remember, I’ll add it in.

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